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Have an impossible case? Callahan Consulting can make the impossible, possible.

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Callahan Consulting Group provides consulting services to law firms about litigation and trial strategies as well as analysis of issues and a proper means to assert them as a plaintiff or defendant against them as a defendant. This is a similar service to what I have been providing to my junior partners and associates over the many years of my practice. The fact that I have received numerous awards for trial practice and the highest bricks in various areas of the law demonstrate that I know what I’m talking about and well prepared to mentor other attorneys.

Daniel J. Callahan

Areas of Practice

Complex Civil and Business Litigation

Personal Injury Litigation


Traumatic Brain and Spine Injury


Insurance Coverage and Insurance Bad Faith

Daniel J. Callahan at Callahan Consulting Group

Why Choose Callahan

Largest Jury Verdict in Orange County History

Highest Personal Injury Settlement in U.S. History  $50M

Highest Insurance Bad Faith Judgment in Orange County History


The Callahan Philosophy



I read every piece of relevant information and every relevant document in the case, end-to-end.  I read all the pleadings and discovery.  I read all the depositions. I review in detail all of the important factual documents and evidence. 


Hard Work

I truly believe that I work as hard if not harder than any other trial attorney in California in preparing for and conducting jury trials in complex litigation cases. Out-working the competition has always led to results being in my favor.  



Two women had been hit by an uninsured drunk driver who was driving in the bicycle lane, mistaking it for a travel lane.  prepared a municipal liability road defect case for trial, with the help of skillful depositions and expert opinions, we were able to settle that case for $50 million.

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