At Callahan Consulting, we believe in delivering impactful messages with creativity and flair. Recently, we embarked on an exciting project to produce a new promotional video, and I had the pleasure of being part of the team that brought it to life. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of this fun and challenging production.

Crafting the Script

Every great video starts with a solid script, and this one was no exception. We wanted to create a storyline that was not only engaging but also showcased the unique aspects of Callahan Consulting’s services. The script went through several iterations before we landed on the perfect blend of humor and information. We aimed to keep the audience entertained while delivering our core message effectively.

A One-Day Shoot

With the script in hand, we set out to shoot the entire video in just one day. This ambitious schedule meant meticulous planning and coordination. From setting up scenes to managing lighting and camera angles, every detail was considered to ensure a smooth shoot. Our team worked seamlessly together, making sure that we stayed on track without compromising the quality of the production.

Tackling Technical Challenges

One of the most exciting yet challenging aspects of this project was incorporating special effects. The courtroom scene, where I dodge verbal bullets, was particularly tricky. To create this effect, I had to fall back onto a box and mime dodging the bullets. This required precise timing and coordination between myself and our effects team to make the scene look convincing and dynamic.

The Red Pill or Blue Pill Scene

My favorite scene to shoot was the one where I ask the viewer to choose between the red pill and the blue pill, a nod to a famous movie. We wanted this moment to be visually striking, so we used a clever camera trick. In my sunglasses, you can see my reflection choosing the red pill. This detail added a layer of depth to the scene and was a fun challenge to execute.

Enjoying the Process

Overall, creating this video was a rewarding experience. From brainstorming ideas to the final edit, every step was filled with creativity and teamwork. We had a lot of fun writing and shooting this video, and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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